Young Adult Carers Service

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Our Young Adult Carers Service supports carers aged between 16-25.  If you are looking after a family member, relative or friend who is ill, frail or disabled then you may be a young adult carer.

You may have been caring since you were a child, or it may be a new experience. Maybe a loved one has become recently unwell, or your child has a disability. You may be caring for more than one person, and you may not even think of yourself as a carer.

Being a Young Adult Carer

Every caring situation is different, but your responsibilities might include:

  • providing emotional support
  • household tasks, such as cooking, shopping and cleaning
  • personal care, such as dressing and washing
  • managing medication
  • managing household finances
  • looking after other family members such as younger siblings.

Caring can have a negative impact on other areas of your life including education and employment opportunities and your social life.  As a young adult carer you may find that you need:

  • information, support or guidance with applying for further education
  • employability support
  • financial support or advice
  • emotional support, someone to speak to either on a one-to-one basis or as part of a group
  • access to further information or advice about the practicalities of being a young adult carer
  • or just a break from your caring role.

What Can We Offer?

The Young Adult Carers Service can help you access confidential information and support in areas such as financial advice and accessing flexible opportunities to combine education, training, volunteering or employment with your caring role. We also offer emotional support, opportunities for personal development, and peer support as well as short break provision.

We are here to help in any way we can.