Information & Support

Information for Health Professionals

We are pleased to work in partnership with local GP practices to identify unpaid Carers and raise awareness of the support that is available for carers in the Stirling area. GPs and practice staff are encouraged to refer carers to the Carers Centre, where we can offer a range of support and advice services to suit their needs.

Information for Teachers

Young carers are children and young adults who look after a family member who, without their help, would be unable to live independently.  The demands of caring vary greatly between cases but the effects can include:

  • Trouble keeping up with school work
  • Regular absence and/or poor punctuality
  • Difficulty making and/or maintaining friendships
  • Lack of sleep leading to poor concentration and irritability
  • High levels of stress
  • Depression

The key to alleviating these effects is identifying young carers as early as possible and ensuring that they are given appropriate support.

Young Carers Education Project

The Stirling Young Carers Education Project provides young carer support in primary and secondary schools in the Stirling Council area.

The Young Carers Education Project provides:

  • 1:1 support for young carers
  • A listening ear and a chance to talk
  • Advocacy
  • Awareness raising class lessons and assemblies
  • Staff awareness raising presentations
  • Workforce Training packages for professionals
  • Information relating to young carers’ issues
  • Telephone, text and email support service


Referrals for the Young Carers Education Project come from the school the young carer attends, and can be sent directly to the Young Carers Education Officer at Stirling Carers Centre.  Pupils are also given the opportunity to identify themselves as young carers during assemblies and class lessons.

For more information on the Young Carers Education Project please contact the Young Carers Service Manager, on 01786 447003.

Information for Community Workers

Community workers are uniquely placed to meet Carers in locations that may not be reached by other professionals.  Whether you are a librarian, a volunteer with a local charity, a youth worker or any other position that comes into contact with people in the community, we can support you to identify ‘hidden’ carers within your service.

Identifying ‘Hidden’ Carers

‘Hidden’ Carers are people who do not realise that the role they are carrying out classes as ‘unpaid caring’.  They may feel that they are just ‘doing their duty’ and getting on with what needs to be done and, as a result, they are unlikely to realise that there is a support available to them.

More Information for Professionals