Equal Partners in Care (EPiC)

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Equal Partners in Care (EPiC) is a joint project between NES and SSSC to implement the workforce education and learning elements of the Carers Strategy 2010-15.

It aims to support workers from health, social services and other sectors to work in partnership with carers and young carers, and to achieve better outcomes for all involved in the caring relationship. It does this by providing learning resources to help best practice become universal practice.

What do we mean by Equal Partners in Care?

Carers have a unique role in the life of the person they care for. When we are planning and delivering care for that person, it’s important that we involve their carer. They have valuable knowledge to contribute and any decision will have an impact on their caring role. Carers, the person they care for, and workers from health and social services should work together as partners to achieve better outcomes for all involved.

Carers have the right to play an equal and active role in care planning and decisions. This does not mean that all carers are the same or that the caring is shared equally. Every carer has a different role, but the same right to have the support and information they need and to be as involved as they choose to be. Equality is about having rights and choices.

It’s important that workers also feel valued as equal partners. This will help create a culture of mutual respect and partnership.

We recognise carers as equal partners in the delivery of care in Scotland and fully acknowledge the expertise, knowledge and the quality of care they give.
Caring Together, the carers strategy for Scotland 2010-15

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