Carers’ Stories

The most powerful testimony to the work that unpaid carers do are their own stories.  In this section of our site we give a voice to the carers who want to share their experiences in the hope of raising awareness of the issues they face on a daily basis.

Please take the time to read these stories as they offer valuable insights into the role of unpaid carers.  These insights help us as professionals to change our perceptions and alter our services to better support unpaid carers in our fields.

Click below read their stories.

Margaret’s Story – Mother of a child with Autistic Spectrum Disorder.  Carer for 3 years since official diagnosis.

Jean’s Story – Mother of a lady with Chronic M.E.  Carer for 4 years.

John’s Story – Father of a boy with mental health issues

Laura’s Story – Family with two children with additional support needs.

Young Carers’ Stories

We hope to add more carer stories over time.  Please check back for the latest updates.

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