Stirling Carers Centre works with a range of professionals across the Stirling Council area to raise awareness of Unpaid Carers and their needs.

Medical practitioners, education staff, council employees and community workers all have an important role to play in identifying Carers and signpost these individuals to services that can help them.  This is even more important with ‘hidden’ Carers who may not even realise that they are a Carer.

Equal Partners in Care

Equal Partners in Care (EPiC) is a joint project between NHS Education for Scotland (NES) and the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) to implement the workforce learning actions of Caring Together – the carers strategy for Scotland 2010-15. The aim of the project is to support NHS, social services and other workers with a role in identifying and supporting (unpaid) carers and young carers.

We strongly encourage professionals to visit our EPiC page for more information and resources, including CPD e-learning modules.