Health and Wellbeing

With so much to think about as a carer it is easy to put your own needs on the back-burner.  However, maintaining your own health and well-being can reduce the amount of stress and frustration you are feeling and therefore make your caring role easier and more effective.

Some key things to remember are:

  • As an unpaid carer you have rights.  These rights exist to make sure you have access to the practical, emotional and financial support that you need and deserve.
  • Your own health is just as important as that of the person you are caring for.  Make sure you visit your GP regularly for a health check, identify yourself as a carer and take advantage of additional support such as counselling services, free vaccinations and other specialist services that may be available to you.
  • Many support agencies can direct you to free or discounted therapeutic services to help you relax and reduce your stress levels
  • As a carer you are entitled to take time out of your caring role, even if just for a couple of hours, and support is available to allow you to do this.  Find out more here.
  • You have the right to maintain your employment and your employer is required by law to take into account your caring responsibilities and make reasonable allowances for you to complete these.
  • There is a wide range of training opportunities available to allow you to learn new skills and increase your confidence in coping with the situations you are faced with.
  • Stirling Carers Centre is always available to support you and can put you in touch with other services that can help to make life that little bit easier for you.

Health Checks

If you’re 40 to 64 years old and your GP practice is part of the Keep Well programme, you may be eligible for a Keep Well health check.  Keep Well Health Checks are now available in Cultenhove, Raploch, Bannockburn, Fallin, Plean, Cowie and Throsk.

To arrange a health check, or for more information contact Bernie Silver on 01786 849733 or visit

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